Vocational Colleges to Grab Job

Vocational Colleges – Back to 1990’s there was a great financial crisis hit Asia region with no mercy. Now in 2000’s financial crisis hit Europe and United States of America. This time financial crisis became a great shocking era since those regions are full of big industry. Financial crisis give hard effect almost to everybody. Food, gasoline, and stuff became expensive. Many companies weren’t able to pay their debt. After that they became broke. Since they need more money, they fired their employees. People who have high age and limited skill are getting difficult to get a job. In the other hand, fresh graduated people are searching for job too. Those two kinds of people are competes for job in hard way.

This is one of reason why un-employment people become big problems in many countries all over the world. There aren’t any enough jobs for everybody. And if there some fresh graduated, they are not ready for some current jobs. For example, a law college graduated could not work in law firm because he needs more experiences.

One of the solutions in the unprepared graduated students is by vocational colleges. Young people who are interesting on some current jobs are able to study in vocational college where she or he wanted. Vocational college means school with special skills, science, and knowledge that related to the job. It also means technical jobs, where most of the subject that the teacher gives is based on practical subjects, not just theories. For example culinary colleges teach how to serve a food for costumer. This can be reached without theories. With more practice, the student can have more skill in culinary field. Other example is criminal justice colleges.

Many different fields come from vocational college. There are colleges in specialties in tourism, mechanical, engineering, etc. The lengths of education are different based on the major field. Culinary college only need only need one year.  Engineering and healthy college need two years of education. The criminal justice colleges need three years of education.

There are many advantages in attending vocational colleges. First, every student is able to become an expert without long term education. The second, they don’t need to study too much and pay the fee too high, since it only takes from one year to three years. Third, they will get job faster than the others applicants, because they have specific education. The last, they can stand with their own business if they want. Since they know how to handle things alone, they don’t need other worker. Vocational colleges  is a new way for them who want to get a job faster, without too many competitions.

This new way also applied by many governments in many countries to prepared their young generation to be able to compete in the work field. For example, China where many colleges where build to support their various industry. And they had gain big success in industry by make every young people have their specialty in major education. Now it is our time to get a new special skill with vocational colleges.