Career and Vocational Education

Let us evaluate in regards to what could be the purpose of any knowledge. Knowledge is what makes good in humans. It makes us honest, loyal people and, especially, makes us fit for a livelihood. This being the essential reason for education, we, in India have failed to provide the education to our children in the past fifty years and more. When most of the simple rewards of education are not forthcoming, we have to know that our education system has failed.

They would have some skill to become listed on an institute and then to get a job when the children left school or if we’d done this course. Even at the college level, it would be much more correct if the wards were taught some talent like painting, drawing, clay modelling etc., which is a part of the syllabus. They could have it being an extra – curricular activity which they’d enjoy and at the same time get groomed for the ability.

These children, as they enter school they may start learning for instance, as repair and mechanical jobs. This process would help the students to develop some skills and also show their aptitudes. For these young ones school could be their professional centre. These centres could, in a high level also provide degrees or diplomas in the skills of the analysis.

This really is the result of incomplete and bad consideration on the part of the educationists. We’re still following subjects of research introduced in our curriculum from the British rulers which may have lost their value for us today being free Indians. This is why this bankruptcy of achievement by our intelligent kiddies. Besides a lop-sided program, we have ignored our primary education and adorned the higher education, which has generated a vacuum in the basic literacy requirements. In my opinion there is a strong relationship between lucrative career and vocational education.